What Is Breathwork?

I get asked this question all the time! Breathwork is a tool that has been used by many cultures worldwide for meditation and healing. It's safe and very effective for releasing mental and physical pain. 

We live in a stress-filled world, and we can get stuck in fight or flight response, causing dis-ease and disruption of our natural flow. It's our job to create a safe, peaceful space within in order for our parasympathetic nervous system to engage, allowing for healing to occur. Breathwork is just one way to do this, and it happens to be my favorite. ;) 

There are multiple flavors and styles of breathwork and there's sure to be one that's perfect for you! You can follow my YouTube channel (Phoenix Fire Breathwork) to learn breathwork techniques and to follow along on our adventures!

I host several group events monthly.  You can find them in my calendar below, in my scheduler, or follow Phoenix Fire Breathwork on Facebook or phoenix.fire.breathwork on Instagram to stay informed. There's something absolutely magical about the energy and support of a group. Everyone who attends adds a special ingredient. I hope you'll join us soon!

About Me

I have a history of trauma, and in my own healing journey I have found breathwork to be the fastest, most effective way to release trapped emotions and trauma from body and mind. You don't need to understand it, rehash it or figure it out; you just need to be willing to surrender to the process and to let it go. 

When I learned to just be in the present moment, free from judgement, allowing whatever IS to BE, something magical happened! Old programs unraveled. Outdated belief systems fell away. Self-acceptance flowed in, and from that loving awareness, a beautiful space for healing was created. It completely changed my life!

Like the Phoenix, I've rebirthed myself from the ashes of my life many times. I've journeyed through and have healed from ancestral patterns of poverty, depression, anxiety, addiction, domestic violence and sexual abuse.  My passion is helping others get in tune with their innate wisdom, facilitating transformation and igniting expansion and growth in their own lives, in their own ways. I believe that we all have the keys to our healing within us. I LOVE helping people access and utilize their keys!


"This was my first breathwork session and it was wonderful! Cindy was warm and welcoming. I felt right at home. We sat down and talked for a few minutes about what to expect and what might take place. She made it very clear that anything i needed to express or say was totally okay. At one point during our session, I cried a little and she held my hand. That was very sweet. Cindy is a great guide, she's kind, genuine, warm and caring. Can't wait to have another session! I highly recommend!" ~Nancy S.

"Cindy is a Master at her breathwork sessions. I did a 10-series and they just built on one another. Each time I was able to go deeper faster and experience more healing. Cindy holds space beautifully and intuitively knows when to say something to help you through. If you haven't experienced a breathwork session with her yet, you're missing out!" ~Jennie S.

"Cindy is awesome! I love her expertise and enthusiasm in breathwork! It has been a great experience working with her." ~Shelley F. 

"Cindy Howard is amazing with her breath work therapy. I highly recommend booking an appointment with her. It was a life changing experience. I think everyone should give this a try. Thanks for all the help, Cindy, I can't wait to do it again." ~Kaden L.

"I'm so happy I finally was able to give this place a visit! Cindy is the most gentle speaking person and made me feel so relaxed and safe while I went on a journey through a breathing session. It was a wonderful experience and I 100% recommend! You and your soul won't regret it." ~Shaylynne H.

"I did a breathwork session with Cindy Howard and had an UNBELIEVABLE experience!! I did not know that breathwork could take you on a journey like that!!! Mind blown!" ~Cranford Blackmon III   

"To quote myself after my first session, "That was some dope a$$ $h!t!".  I was new to this type of breathwork and Cindy did a beautiful job of explaining the process and guiding the experience. Her expertise was felt as I worked through some difficult moments. She created a safe container to fully lean into the work and also not be drained by the experience." ~Julie D.

"Cindy was such a warm light during my Breathwork experience. I felt so comforted and at peace and NOT judged in any way. :) It was intense and amazing and afterward I felt like a snake that had shed its old skin! I feel so honored to have had Cindy to work with and I will definitely be back for more sessions." ~Vi P.

"What a beautiful session. I allowed my mind to go back to breath and when I did that's when I found the comfort of being safe, supported, loved from all around me. Thanks for sharing your gift with us and taking the time to create a sacred and calming space." ~C. K.